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Hi all,

It’s that long-awaited time of year when I can go home to Georgia for a few weeks and enjoy the company of family and friends I have so far away during the rest of the year. Time in which to disconnect and return, in part, to being a small girl ;)…

Thus, I will be recharging batteries, collecting stories, and preparing my mind for all the wonderful things yet to come. See you again from August 20th, a big kiss and may the summer leave you many beautiful little stories.

A thousand hugs,


Collections of Stories



Colección Primavera | Ani´s Little Stories


Colección Música | Ani´s Little Stories


What it is said…

Daughter loved these so much I bought another set for her other ear. Didn’t realize when I bought it was for only 3 earrings. Not a set of 3 but that’s my fault. Very pretty


Very pretty necklace, my sister loved it 😍


Beautiful work. Speedy shipping. Just what I wanted. Unique and interesting art to wear. Mahalo.

Dr. Heather

About Ani

 Anís Little Stories is a themed and contemporary silver jewelry project, with which I want to share stories, feelings and emotions with you.

Each piece of Ani’s Little Stories jewelery is lovingly and carefully imagined, designed and created by me, so each one of them has been creating its own character and charm.

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