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Original silver necklaces for couples or BFFs to personalize.

Both necklaces share one hidden message, the first part of the message will be stamped on one necklace and the second part on the other one.

You can put your own message, favourite quote or poem (maximum 110 characters), or choose from the quotes shown on the pictures from famous lyrics.

Necklaces will arrived lovely gift wrapped and accompanied of a card with the quote written on it.

Great gift for couples, wedding o for your loved one, and they can also be a great present for music lovers.

These necklaces are made from solid silver .925 sheets, hand stamped with the message and then rolled up creating these amazing hidden message necklaces.

They come with a silver chain and a leather cord, but let me know if you want both silver chains or leather cords.

  • Sterling Silver .925
  • Size: height: 15 mm; width: 20 mm
  • A great love message 😉

It is normal for a silver piece to darken and lose its luster over time. Even stored for a long period of time, they will tarnish. Try:

  • avoid contact of jewelry with corrosive agents (acids, bleaches, alkaline salts, colognes, etc.),
  • do not bathe, swim or play sports with them on,
  • store your silver jewel individually to avoid scratches, and in a preferably airtight place.

Despite the prevention you may have, silver oxidizes in contact with air and this causes its hue to tend to blacken or turn yellow.

How can I return my piece to its best version?

Very easy, follow these tips and you will see them dazzling again:

  • Use lukewarm water with a little neutral pH soap and a 100% cotton cloth.
  • For matte pieces, use baking soda with water and a brush.
  • You can also safely clean it by soaking it for about 10 minutes in warm, soapy water, using a soft brush to remove dirt if necessary. Then place it on an absorbent cloth and carefully dry it.


Your jewelry speaks about you, tells your stories and reminds you of important moments or experiences... take care of them and they will take care of you 🙂

Each piece at Ani's Little Stories is lovingly handcrafted by me, so I will need 1-2 business days to prepare your piece and ship it. Once shipped, we will confirm the shipment and the shipment number via email so that you can track it.

Lead time from shipment:

  • Spain: 1-3 Peninsula, 3-7 Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.
  • European Union and United Kingdom: 3-7
  • United States and Canada: 7-14
  • Other destinations: consult

Please note that if you are outside the European Union, you will need to be aware of and pay for local customs taxes.

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